Thursday, March 13, 2008

Holding it all together

It seems like suffering is foreign to God, or at least we were brought up to think that. Looking at the cross it shows that suffering is not foreign to God, in fact Christ enters deeply into human suffering. Rather than being foreign to God, Christ makes suffering a place for God.

Often I think that our suffering opens us up to God, it works like a big wake up call. It shows that we are not in control, life is bigger than us and that we have to yield to something or better yet someone else.

Why do we resist so hard, what scares us and keeps us from God? Why does it take wake up calls like losing a relationship, job, or money to force us into the God question? What could be done to help prepare us for the time when suffering comes so that we know it is a God place, a sacred space and not a foreign place. God is in the desert.......

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wG said...

I think we all want to be least in some form. When things go wrong we become more aware than ever that we are not; and never will be. And, we don't want the world to see. As we struggle forward with our woundedness, if we move from "image management" into "God management" we fail again. But God sees and knows who we really are. When Grace opens our heart so we realize life is not about us but about Jesus, we will heal and become well. Right now, we all need to individually learn about God's mercy and tenderness. Once we take this to heart we will be prepared for the desert and will learn that our "desert times" are when we are closest to God. This teaching must become a part of our lives so in the future, our children learn it as well.