Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I wear a white wristband that says "one" on it. The One Campaign is movement of over 90 groups both religious and secular to help end extreme poverty. We would like our government to spend 1% of the national budget toward ending extreme poverty.

Personally I have a tendency to forget about the poor. I get caught up in my own issues and forget that how I live affects others, especially the poor. I wear the wristband to help remind myself daily about God's love for the poor. Let's face it; Jesus loves everyone but especially the poor. They hold a tender place in his heart. In fact as I read the gospels it seems that one of the primary ways people will be judged is how they responded to the poor in their midst.

I can't honestly say that I love God and not love His creation. Mother Theresa reminds me in her writings that I must have a passion for Christ so I can see him in the poor and serve him in the poor.

For this reason I have the One Campaign feed on my blog. It is the only movement I know of that Jews, Christians, Muslims and Secular groups are working together in harmony. I believe that this is God inspired and that each of us is called to help the poor in whatever way we can.

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