Saturday, November 22, 2008

Israel Day One

Today it rained really hard. We all got soaking wet and got rained out of our first visit. Which meant we got to go to Mt. Carmel. This is where Eliajh took on the prohpets of Baal and won through Divine Providence.
This has always been one of my favorite accounts in the bible. It was awesome, even in the rain. It is hard to grasp that this was the place. It brings so much to the story.
Tomorrow we go to the Sea of Galilee where Jesus called his first disciples and stilled the storm. It makes me think about my own call to follow Christ. The first disciples left their boats to follow Jesus. What am I being called to drop? Certianly my pride, ego and self interest. Rather I should follow the footsteps of my Lord and not count the cost.
We will see what God reveals tomorrow.

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