Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wisdom and Age

What I have discovered in my almost six years in ministry is that most of the men that I have worked with are somewhere between the ages of 50-70. These guys have seen some amazing life change. I think it is because at this age men become open to wisdom. They have lived enough life to see through the distractions and they want to spend the rest of their life in ways that are meaningful.

I wish that younger men would seek wisdom. I remember I heard where a preacher once said that there a lot of smart and capable people in the world but very few good and wise people. Therefore, we should seek to be good and wise.

We, as men spend our younger and working years trying to prove the world how smart and capable we are. Meanwhile what the world really needs is good and wise men to use their talents in ways that honor Christ.

I remember praying for wisdom as a result of that sermon.

My first taste of wisdom came when I was struggling so much in my first church. My ego took a beating (which it needed)and I was finally open to learning what discipleship meant. I had been spiritual but had no real practice to shape my inner life. Wisdom begins when we are humbled and our pride is taken from us.

Letting go is a prerequisite to wisdom.

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