Thursday, February 25, 2010

Learning from Christ through creation

Once while I was hiking during passing rain storms I came to a resting place just as the weather took a brief break. During that break I could see for just a moment the beauty of the surrounding hills as the clouds pushed through dropping their moisture on an already soaked earth. It was a beautiful moment. I couldn't help but think of Christ as the one in whom and for whom all things were created and in whom all things are sustained. It is the Lord's hand holding the vastness of the scene before me.

At the same time I was noticing the vastness of the hills I saw a spring flower that had just bloomed. The bush had many that were about to bloom but this little lavender flower had beat the others to the punch. Gazing upon that flower I felt loved. Let me explain.

That flower is beautiful and unique, it a treasure to be able to behold it. It exists because God wills it and nothing we create can match the beauty and majesty of what the Mater can do. In the same way Jesus tells us that God cares more for us than he does for that little flower or the rolling hills. In the vastness and wonder of creation Jesus teaches us that we are unique and that God cares for us in a special. What love the Lord has!

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