Friday, March 26, 2010

Singleness of Heart

Singleness of heart is one of the great needs in our time. The fast pace at which we live and the constant pull of media creates a multiplicity in our heart and attention. This fractured self struggles to be centered and present in the moment. It is so bad that we really don't know how to be present to God and one another. Jesus calls this singleness seeking "the kingdom first". Our hearts are to be focused and centered in the reality of Christ's kingdom in our midst.

A person centered in the kingdom reality gives off a different energy than those who are centered on the multiplicity of the world. Those who are centered are more alert, sensitive, peaceful and truthful. They live life from a different place and with a different resourcing.

Slowing down, creating space in our lives is the first step. Solitude and silence are essential and returning to a prayer word or scripture phrase is essential in the pursuit of singleness of heart.

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