Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yesterday I was watching my daughter play tee ball. My daughter is petite and she is fast. Her gift is not to hit the ball hard or far but it is to run fast, she is really quick. During the games she runs the bases well, and frequently while running from third to home will out run the pitcher who has a shorter distance to run. She is great at the unintentional “squeeze play”. Her coaches just smile while she beats the tag. I also take great delight in watching her run.

Yesterday while watching her run and taking great delight in her abilities the Lord reminded me that he takes great delight in watching us, his children in Christ using our gifts. He gently whispered in my heart that he takes delight in my preaching. I felt loved. It also reminded me that it is important to help people discover and use their gifts for the glory of God and good of the body of Christ. We should do this because God delights in it and it brings joy to the heart of God when we use or gifts. It was such an encouraging time and I hope it encourages you.

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