Thursday, July 22, 2010

Simply Learn

From my recent conversations it seems like writing about dry periods again makes sense. As we move along the spiritual journey we will encounter times when we are dry. There are also times we feel like we are moving away or perhaps backwards in the journey. This is all part of the journey, it is part of the process of formation.

An area for growth is learning to recognize these times, be aware of them and even be content with them. We may not like it, especially the type A personality but we must learn to simply learn. Much of the spiritual life is learning to learn from all the areas in our lives. We might not like what we are learning, we may not want to learn what we are learning and it may be painful to learn. Yes, yes and yes. Yet simply learn to learn. Simply be aware of all that is going on.

Be aware of the dryness, be aware of the pain, be aware of the lack of intention and desire. Simply give these back to God and allow it all to be there. Don't judge yourself or your progress or what seems to be a lack of progress. Give yourself the grace to simply let it all be there. Remember God is the great shepherd of your soul and is working in the deep and hidden areas of your heart. Maybe not seeing or knowing how God is working is good for you and part of the wisdom of God. Maybe not, only God knows.

Simplicity is such a helpful thing in the spiritual life and learning to be aware and to entrust ourselves, our whole selves to Christ is foundational and essential. The dry times force us to trust in God and to entrust ourselves, our whole selves to the One who is trustworthy. Learning this trust is one of the hidden blessings in the dry times. Humility is another blessing.

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