Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hurry and Gratefulness

Hurry is one of the barriers to practicing gratefulness. When we are hurried we are not present in the now and gratefulness happens in the now. A large part of gratefulness is being aware of the gifts that are happening now. For example I can be aware of the gift of my fingers as I type, the computer that I am using and the ability to read and write. This whole post can be an act of gratefulness.

If our inner life is hurried then we blow right through things and miss the now. Notice I wrote that hurry in our inner life is the barrier. We can have a full schedule and meet many needs and demands without being hurried. We can learn to move through life centered and grateful with a still center. To do this we need to take time to sit, be still and experience what it is like to be centered and grounded in the Spirit's presence now. From this place we can then learn to expand this centered lifestyle into the other aspects of our life.

When you sit to pray, start with being aware of the gifts that are there such as your chair, couch, roof, clothes, etc... In your prayer give thanks for each, be silent then move towards any intercessions. Be silent again. Then say the Lords prayer and move on with you life and come back to gratefulness as often as you can, giving thanks to God throughout your day.

Peace be yours.

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