Monday, January 3, 2011


Some have wondered how I am feeling now that I live in the tropics. I am doing okay, I still don't feel like I want but I have only been here a few weeks and that is to be expected. One of the things that is tough for us is that our beds aren't due until next week and the beds we have aren't great.

I really haven't been sleeping all that well in my borrowed bed and I think that once I can start getting regular sleep in my bed I will feel better. That being said I have more time to workout and I know that exercise is good for my health as well as every one's health. I have been putting up better numbers in terms of frequency and distance of both my runs and swims so I am encouraged by that. I have lost a little weight which I have wanted to do and so that is good too.

It is hot here but the heat doesn't seem to impact me more than anyone else here. Actually it feels good most of the time and when we are tire of it the house is cool, we often will wear sweatshirts or long sleeves inside since our bodies are adjusting to the heat.

Overall I am not where I want to be but I am definitely not worse off and I think that I am doing a little better and hopeful for improvement.

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