Friday, May 13, 2011


The last week or so we have had Kim's younger brother and his wife in town. It has been fun to show them around and to see Kwaj again through their eyes. Even tough we work hard at it we can still take for grated the goodness around this place.

They got here and the first few days were cloudy and we felt so disappointed they din't get good weather. Then they reminded us that a cloudy day here with temperatures in mid 80s was better than home.

Watching them enjoy the color of the ocean, the beauty of the sunset and the uniqueness of places like Glass Beach has been good for us. Kim and I like so many can get in the groove of life and miss the great stuff that is right in front of our eyes. We figure that we will see it tomorrow and so we really don't see it today. This complacency doesn't allow one to practice gratitude and being in the moment.

When we slow down and see again the gifts that God has given us we are struck again with wonder and awe. We can be in the now and take advantage of what is here. I wonder how many of us never take advantage of the great things in the areas we live because we figure we will see it tomorrow or that it will be around later.

We shouldn't put that off, we should see the gifts that are now and take advantage of the great parts of our cities and towns. I think we should all be tourists in our cities once and awhile so that we can rekindle our gratitude for what we have.

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