Friday, July 15, 2011


We are leaving for our trip to the States in a few days. We are going to the Seattle area and then spending some time in central Oregon. It is the longest time away from work I have taken in one shot (about a month). It will be nice to spend time doing some things we haven't had the ability to do lately. I am looking forward to hitting the Starbucks in Hawaii.

It is also very interesting that it will be the only opportunity we will have to do certain things or see certain people for a year. For example we have no sit down restaurants with servers on the island. When we are in the States it will the only time this year to go to a restaurant. The same is true with shopping opportunities. We have no real clothing store here so this is the time to buy the children's clothes for another year along with our own. It is an odd thing to wrap our brain around.

I am looking forward to a rest from creative thinking and preaching for four weeks and Kim is looking forward to a break in the daily routine with the kids. The kids are just so jazzed to see family and friends and do stuff like go to the zoo they can't stand themselves..

I am also hoping to blog some as to our reactions to being in the States and what God is teaching us through this next part of our experience. For those of you who read this from MLC, Kim and I will be at the 815 service on the 24th and will stay through the 1045 service that day. The kids will join us for worship at 1045 when Pr. Jim and Carol bring them. I am looking forward to seeing many of you next week.


Tomgirls4 said...

We are in Central Oregon the week of 7/17. Call me 253-569-9070.

Sharon42 said...

Jim was very excited that you are coming home. The annoncement came before his sermon last Sunday. We all miss you and will be happy to see youon Sunday. Have a safe trip.

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