Tuesday, December 6, 2011

4-H Blog

Sophie has been participating in the 4-H cooking club this year and two of the clubs on our atoll made the 4-H Pacific blog this week. To check it out and see a picture of Sophie in 4-H click here.

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Andrea Farrier said...

Hello! My name is Andrea Farrier. I am a follower of your blog from Iowa with some *serious* Kwaj longings. Someday....

Anyway, our local 4-H club was thinking about doing an "exotic" 4-H penpal exchange, but the person I was in contact with initially on Kwaj about it has stopped blogging, and I can't get a hold of her. If you think your club might be interested (or even just a few kids from the club) feel free to email me at thefarriers@yahoo.com . (Or, pass my contact info and query along to the club leader)

God bless - and keep up the blogs so I can get some Kwajalein sunshine vicariously! :)