Friday, May 18, 2012

Core Spiritual Items

A few weeks ago I read an article where twelve leading fitness experts were asked what their top five exercises were for overall fitness and health. It was a great article because it sought to get to the core of what one needs to do regularly in order to be in good physical condition. It is relevant since there are seemingly thousands of exercises out there and frankly people send lots of time, money and energy with little or no improvement in their health and wellness. If this principle is true for our physical life I have been wondering if it can be true for our physical life.

I am convinced that most Christians want to grow and want their lives to reflect the reality of their faith and relationship with Jesus. I think we sometimes even envy those who seem to have more peace, contentment and more spiritual passion. We don't really know how they "got it" and wonder if we could "get it". In vain we try the latest books or conferences but seem to come up short since we really don't know the necessary core practices and attitudes.

Threrefore, what I would humbly like to do in the following posts is to explore what I think the core ideas are for growth in our relationship with Christ. They certainly won't be the only ideas or only way to grow but I trust with the right intention and effort that God will use them to help mature us spiritually.

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