Thursday, October 11, 2012


I have had a lot of what I sense to be shifting and deepening in my thinking on Christ, community and life moving around inside my head lately and I feel like I am in a phase of collecting my thoughts and then trying to organize them and then live them. I can see them creeping out in my Sunday messages and in my teaching but they aren't quite clear enough to write. I will as  I can.

Never the less we had an awesome experience a few weeks ago. We went on a boat with some friends of ours who lead our youth program and are truly wonderful people. The don't have any kids yet and are so kind and fun with our kids that Sophie and Gavin really enjoy being with them.

We thought it would be fun to go to one of the other islands for the afternoon named Begee. While we were on our way Mindi thought she saw some dolphins. Matt, her husband drove the boat over there and we found ourselves in the middle of a large (75+) pod of dolphins. They were everywhere, swimming next and in front of the boat, jumping in twos and threes and generally putting on a display. We were laughing from pure joy. It made me think of Psalm 108.

Sophie and Mindi were on the front rail of the boat and two dolphins jumped so close that their splash got Mindi and Sophie wet! It was one of our best experiences as a family to date.

Matt took some video and photos by sticking his camera in the water while the boat was moving. He got some good shots and these are a few of them.

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