Friday, May 30, 2008

Car Washing

Today I came home early from the synod assembly (I am not fond of banquets) and decided it would be nice to wash my car. Kim and the kids were still up at her folks so it was just me out there. Before I got started the neighbor girl (the one who I am not fond of) asked if Sophie could play and I explained that she was with her grandparents. She asked what I was doing and I said washing the car. She asked if she could help.

Granted most of the day we have been talking about church, mission and loving our neighbor and now I was given the opportunity to actually do something about. Instead of feeling dislike for the little girl, I felt compassion and love. She was out in the front yard by herself, where the rest of her family was inside (this is a common occurrence). The Spirit revealed to me that she was precious to Jesus and that she just needed to be treated like his daughter so I really enjoyed having her help me.

I was reminded of what we have been talking about in our men's groups and I encouraged her and lifted her up. I also felt sad, here was this beautiful little girl with a dirty face and lonely. I wondered why on a Friday night she was out all alone. I was reminded that her folks don't know Christ and don't have the power of the transforming that comes with following Christ.

We need to share our faith, not for more money or bigger budgets. We need to share our faith for the sake of little girls like my neighbor who need to know love. The greatest love anyone can ever know is God's love in Christ. It is for the sake of love that we share our faith and it is for Christ that we do small deeds with great love. Jesus reminds us that whatever we do to the least of these we do unto him.

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