Tuesday, May 6, 2008


There comes a point in life where all one needs is the love of God. In this world there are so many things we think that we need to be content and or happy. Yet the only thing we truly need for contentment is to know the love of God in Christ Jesus.

It is hard for us to come to place of knowing that all we need is to be in relationship with the Lord Jesus. I am not saying that having things, even nice things is wrong. We should however have a certain detachment from them so that we can truly enjoy them and not be a slave to them. After all, it is simply by grace that we possess so much. I am also not saying that we should not work for the poor and marginalized.

I am saying that the love of God in Christ should be enough and like Paul we should be able to be content in any and all circumstances because of Christ. Or like the liturgy says "it is right and salutary that we should at all times and in places give thanks and praise to you O Lord". The only way we can authentically pray that is if we know the all sufficient love of God in Christ. It is the only thing that cannot be taken from us..

Knowing Love, then enables us to enter back into our life from a centered and life giving place. We do not need to seek for meaning in a relationship, in money, power, status or position. For those things no longer define us, Christ and his love define us. We are freed from the tyranny of meaninglessness and freed for service.

I think of Francis of Assisi, one of the most joyful people to have lived. He was poor by choice, his embrace of Lady Poverty freed him for a life of proclamation of the Gospel. He knew the all sufficient love of God. Jean Vanier also comes to mind. To the best of my knowledge he has no wife, children, money or house to call his own. He does however have Christ and serves Christ as he minsters to people with disabilities. Every description I have read of him describes his shabby clothes yet his powerful presence. People speak of what it was like to be in his presence long after they have heard him lecture. They forget his words, but not his presence. He knows the all sufficient love of God. Mother Theresa was poor as well, she had so little, yet she had so much. Reading her writings one cannot help but experience her deep passion for Christ and her deep desire to serve her beloved.

Knowing Christ and serving Christ is what gives all of life meaning and purpose. Once we have that then all the rest of the things we have are put in their proper place. For those of us who have so much we should be humbly grateful for all that we have and marvel at the lavishness of God. Also we should use what we have to serve Christ and the Gospel.

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