Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I went to the fair yesterday with my family. It reminded me of when I worked at the fair during college. To help raise money for our tennis program all possible team members needed to work at the fair helping out on the various rides. I remember how people looked at us who were working the fair.

The feeling is that we were losers for working at the fair and something must have gone wrong in our lives to have us working there.

This year as I looked at the fair workers I was mindful of the Little Sisters of Jesus who intentionally work at the fair as a way to show Christ' love to the people who work at the fair for a living. What a choice, or rather, what a calling to renounce all other possibilities and find oneself always at the fair.

The Little Sisters must be humble because their mission is not know by those who look down on them for being mere "fair workers". Their audience is Christ alone and it is for him that they work and strive.

Their crown and riches are the lives that are changed as the Holy Spirit works through them to minister to those who society looks down on.

I am inspired by their hiddenness, humility and love for the poor. They are obedient to Christ's calling to preach good news to the poor.

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