Friday, September 5, 2008

Mirrors of Your Interior Life

Noted author and dog behaviourist Cesar Millan states in his book "Be The Pack Leader" that a dog mirrors our interior life. With the limited experience I have with my dogs I tend to believe him.

As humans we use a lot of masks and deception to manage our image and to hide how we feel. In many ways it is a survival tact we learn early on in life to be able to withstand peer pressure. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately dogs sees right through all of that.

I know the other day when I took the dogs for a walk I was angry and while I stopped and talked with some neighbors my dogs did not behave well, they sensed my anger even though I was hiding it from my neighbors. What a gift to have a mirror!

If a person is deeply peaceful and calm then the animals around them will sense it. The less we have to hide and the more grounded we are in divine love the more relaxed our animals should be. I think of Francis of Assisi and the way he was able to "talk" to birds and wolves. This makes so much sense to me now because the animals would have been able to sense at an intuitive level the shift in his being through his contemplation and prayer.

I like having two mirrors in my house, they will help me grow. What a gift of divine grace.

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