Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grace to grow

As we move forward in the spiritual life we will find ourselves challenged. We will look at our own slowness, hardness of heart, complicity in sin and a myriad of other shortfalls. Sometimes we will get frustrated out our downright stupidity.

We must not let this discourage us though. The whole journey is a gift of grace. We are able to deal with each of those issues because the love of God sustains us in all things. The deep reality present in all things is the energy, passion and presence of God. This is love and it holds us in all things. This presence frees us to pursue the spiritual life and grow.

Stop, look at the beauty of a budding flower. There is awesome life and energy in this simpe act of a flower budding. Let the beauty of it take you beyond the flower to the reality behind the flower. There is the hand of the creator at work, constantly, silently yelling the beauty of the moment. Let yourself be in the moment, listen to the beating if your heart, feel the movement of your chest as you breath and realize with each breath that you are completely immersed in Presence, it is a gift. Laugh, rejoice, smile and praise.

Then pick up your practice and continue the journey of inward transformation for you are called to go deeper, to a greater sense of awareness. This is the life is worth living for. Everything flows from this wellspring.

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