Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was at the ocean today and it occurred to me as I watched kelp be carried by the ocean that it was another good analogy to help understand the spiritual life. We are to be as available to God as the kelp is to the ocean, it simply picks it up and moves it where ever it wishes. One of the spiritual axioms of the Northumbria Community is availability.
Availability means that we are ready to go and do what God wills when God wills it. Often this comes in the form of ministering to our neighbor and leaving our own expectations behind. The calling of God also comes through others, they challenge us to new endeavors, challenge our ideas of the Divine and help us move out of our comfort zone.
This is a difficult thing to do because it means we have to live not for ourselves but for God. This means dropping our ego and trusting that where God leads, God will provide.
We should consider making availability one of our words that defines our life and shapes how we live.

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