Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I think one of the great temptations is the temptation to stray from our calling. So often when we think of temptations we think of our moral failures or things like "the seven deadly sins". Granted these are powerful temptations and areas in our lives we would not like to dwell.

However, deeper than that is the temptation to ignore or not fully live into our primary calling. This temptation is much more subtle and not generally filled with wrong actions. It is a temptation to ignore the deep calling of our hearts. It is the temptation to get so busy that we miss what God is doing in the now. It is the temptation to go days, if not weeks without seeking the "still small voice of God". It is the temptation to live from the periphery of life rather than at the center of life.

Our primary calling is to live with the awareness of who we are in Christ. Jesus says that we are "seek first the kingdom". This calling is about putting first things first and trusting God with the rest.

What does this look like? It is slightly different for every person since each of us is different. It is not a law to follow. It is a state of consciousness, awareness and intentionality. From this centered place life is to flow.

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