Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scar stained hands

During my internship I often visited a woman who had a non-alcohol related liver disease. She would go into a coma for 4-10 days and then spend 4 days in rehab for every day she was in the ICU. Her life would be 4-15 days in the ICU followed by 16-60 days in rehab so she could go home. She would go home for a few weeks and then start the whole ordeal over again.

This ordeal was crushing her so she finally asked the Lord to take her home through the gate of death. She had reached a point where she could no longer handle her life. A few days after her prayer a man came to visit her in the middle of the night. It wasn't a doctor, nurse or orderly. It was a man with scars on his hands and a tear in his eye. This scar stained man said to her "daughter, you do not have to have the strength to go through this by yourself. I am with you and have been with you. I will give you the strength you need for everyday. I love you."

The man with the scars on his hands and a tear in his eye deeply understands human pain and misery because he lived it. The tear in his eye is a tear of compassion and love for all people. When someone suffers he suffers with them. His scar stained hands embrace all who struggle and he provides the strength and love they need. He works through the people in our lives so that they become his hands and face in our lives.

The scars are on his resurrected body which point to the promise of a new day. Therefore he brings hope. Grace, strength, love, peace, joy and hope are his gifts to all.

My sister in Christ received a liver transplant. Her new son-in-law gave some of his liver so she may have life. My wife's boss allowed her to chose the best surgical team for the operation. My wife was then free to minister to her family throughout the surgery. She made a full recovery. The man with the scars on his hands and a tear in his eye was good to his word.

I am sure you have figured out that this man's name is Jesus. May his scar stained hands embrace you and hold you in love. May you know the joy of Jesus' love in your life. Amen.

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