Wednesday, November 3, 2010

True Self

There is always a temptation to be someone we are not. Throughout the course of our lives we try on different "masks" or identities. We wear the clothes of the group, talk like the group or think like the group. Sometimes even in Christian circles we tend to want to be like other people and not be truly authentic, to be who we truly are. Jesus frees us to be ourselves. He frees us from Sin which is the ultimate force twisting and distorting our lives. He opens to us the kingdom of God where reality can be seen for what it is.

This encounter with Christ is the force that rights the ship that is our lives and puts us on a true course, heading in the right direction with the right instruments to navigate by. Following Christ doesn't make us someone we are not, instead it is the path of becoming who we truly are. God knows who we truly are and he has given a path by which we can grow in freedom from what is false.

We gain the freedom to no longer wear a mask but to be authentic and true to God and to ourselves. This is a great gift and one of the most significant fruits of the Spirit.

We are created in the image of God and therefore love is at the heart of who we are. Sin alienates us from that love and the source of love. Being in Christ puts us into the heart of love and allows us to be ourselves, people made by love, filled with love and destined for love; all while being held in love.

Let us grow into our true selves and out away the false for this is what were made for.

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