Thursday, August 18, 2011

back on Kwaj

We made it back yesterday morning after two long days of travel with the kids. They did well, yet it is still hard waking children out of a deep sleep to get dressed, get on a shuttle, check in, go through security and wait at the gate and then get on a plane and fly for 5.5 hours and then wait for bags and then get on a shuttle to go the airport only to have to do it again the next day. Wow, I am tired again just thinking about the process.

We left the PNW saying goodbye to friends and family and that was hard and we came to Kwaj to say hi to friends we have made here. We feel blessed and thankful for the people we get to share our lives with and we are thankful that we are loved.

I had a chance to spend one Sunday at the congregation I used to serve and I am reminded of how loving and supportive the people at MLC are to their pastors. I don't know if it is rare that a congregation would be so supportive and yet I know how thankful I am for the years I spent there and how positive people respond to ministry. While in the States I talked often with my father in law who serves as their visitation pastor how supportive the people are of preachers. It is a great place to preach and the people listen well to the gospel and are supportive to those who preach it in their midst. I count myself privileged to have been a preacher in that place. Thank you to those of you who are reading this from that place.

Now are about the work of settling back into a routine and continuing the work that is set before us in this place.

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