Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It Takes a Team

Last week I wrote about my experience on Black Peak and how it was a symbol of living strong and choosing life. A person can only live strong if he or she has a team supporting them.

I am blessed to have a team who each in their own way helps me to live life in it's fullest.

My wife is extraordinary in her support of my life. She is patient and kind when I don't feel well. She lends a listening ear and is constantly supportive. Her support is concrete and tangible. She does all the housework so that I am free to sleep longer, train, work and be available to the kids. Her support allows me to be a better father and my kids have little understanding of my disease. She allows me to pursue those hobbies which are interesting and life giving even though they are varied and more often than not expensive.

My parents often do the gopher work for me like pick up my meds and send them out. They go to the natural health doctor and pick up supplements which are key to my health and wellness. All the while never complaining about it or sending me a bill. This is hidden work and doesn't get much glory but it is essential and I am deeply thankful for it. They are also ready to do what is asked and their love for me is certain.

My extended family is ready to listen and be patient with me while I am tired and not always in a good mood or available to participate in a family activity. They make me feel loved and important no matter how I feel or how well I perform. They are gracious people who extend grace to me and therefore teach me graciousness. My climbing partners are in my family and they go with me even though I am not the wilderness athlete I once was and yet that is never an issue.

My supervisor here allows me the time to train and is supportive of me, my training and my ministry. This is a wonderful gift that I am thankful for.

My friends are partners in prayer with me and for me. This is a special gift and one that nobody can quantify the value. It is priceless..Thank you...

God in Christ is on my team. It is clear on the cross that God is radically for me and all who trust Him. There is such peace in experiencing the love and peace of Christ.

Thanks team! Live strong, love Christ!

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