Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grace Part One

Yesterday while teaching I said "there is always enough grace for the truth."

The grace of Christ allows us to see more clearly what we are really like. It breaks through our illusions and shines light in the darkness. It is grace because with Christ's truth always comes love and strength. When we realize that we are not as good as we thought we also realize that Christ is better than we thought. This gives us consolation and hope.

We can't really grow unless we build our lives on the truth. The love of God in Christ breaks into our lives revealing that we need Jesus and that he is present right where we are. I find so much hope in the truth of God's love for us and his ability to meet us wherever we are. Instead of condemnation Christ reveals the truth in love which brings freedom, peace and hope.

The discipline of honest confession allows us to build our life on the truth that there are areas where we fall short and need grace. Confession allows us to build our lives on the truth of Christ's forgiveness and strength. Confession is healthy for the soul because we receive again the grace of unearned love, forgiveness and new life.

When is the last time your reviewed your life; practiced confession and heard God's love for you?

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