Sunday, October 11, 2009


One danger on the spiritual journey is to try to force a spiritual practice.

Sometimes we can read a book or hear about someone who has a certain practice and we jump into a practice that isn't right for use. In our enthusiasm we force a practice that while good for some isn't good for us.

I know that for awhile I always tried to do every practice I read about somehow thinking it made me more spiritual. What I have learned is that each person is unique and that God uses that uniqueness to develop a person spiritually.

For example John Wesley (great evangelist and founder of the Methodist movement) fasted twice a week. A great practice and one that really developed him. Personally with my health issues fasting isn't a good choice for me. For me trying to force fasting wouldn't work. Instead it is better for me to find another practice that the Spirit is using to shape my life.

A good spiritual guide can help a person discern what practices are fruitful for you.

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