Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sometimes grace comes in unexpected ways. It is no secret that I have been struggling big time as late. For most of my adult life I have been deeply fed and nourished by being outside. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to rock climb. I have been searching for some other outdoor adventure that would allow me to use a lot of effort when I have it and less effort when my body is not working as well.

Last week I went on my first deer hunting adventure and the Master brought me a nice legal buck early in the morning. The whole thing was deeply providential and my response was one of thankfulness. Grace came to me in the form of a deer. Hard to understand I know but true for me none the less. It was a gift and one I am so thankful for.

So often grace comes in unexpected ways into our lives. I am finding grace at work in more ordinary ways these days and it is helping me become more thankful. My wife was asked to work Thursday instead of Tuesday this week. Monday night our son gets the stomach flu and she would have missed work and we would have lost the income. Grace in the ordinary stuff of life.

As we look more closely we will see a pattern of the Master's hand at work in our lives as a gift of grace. Realizing this grace will help deepen our sense of gratitude and certitude. Gratitude in the fact that we are blessed in so many ways. Certitude in the fact that His hand is always at work in our lives.

Thanks be to God.

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