Friday, October 2, 2009

Sacredness of the Ordinary

God is present.

God's presence transforms all things and all places.

God is present in all times and all places.

Our awareness of God's presence transforms our understanding of life and reality.

Our awareness of God's presence usually begins with glimpses, little fractions of awareness. Bible camps, retreats, hikes are examples of times when people get a sense of presence. They call these "mountain top experiences", and rightly so for they are times when they felt the presence of God.

As our mindfulness grows then we begin to be aware of God in the more daily rhythms of life, perhaps in corporate worship or during times with good friends. Over time and through grace our awareness grows so that we realize that the ordinary is sacred because of the presence of God in all places and in all times.

It is for this reason that the liturgy says "it is indeed right and salutary that we should in all times and in all places offer thanks and praise to you, O Lord, holy Father, through Christ our Lord."

We give thanks for Christ's presence in all, the ordinary becomes sacred.

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