Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grace is a radical way to live because we live life rooted in love. This love has its roots in the heart of Christ and the blossom of this love are the scars that mark the hands of Jesus. These hands reach out to us in love, mercy and forgiveness. The marks on his hands are scars of grace freely given to all who will receive.

We are not asked to get better to hold these hands. We are not asked to perform well to hold these hands. We are simply asked to reach out and hold these hands and to trust that holding them is enough. For to hold his hands is to trust His love and to allow him to lead us.

Living by grace means that we don't have to have our life figured out because our life is being held in love and we know that the One who walked among us is walking with us. The joy of the journey is resting in Christ's love and letting this love be the source of our self understanding, hope, and call to life.

This call to life is to live more fully into this love. We pray because we are met in love. We read our bibles because in those pages we meet the Christ who loves us. We share in worship to glorify the One who calls us his beloved. We serve our neighbor because Christ loves our neighbor and his love has created love for our neighbor is our hearts too.

Grace is a radical and wonderful way to live.

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