Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I was talking with someone the other day about how it can be hard to move and relocate to a whole new place and they asked me in light of that if I regret having moved to Kwaj. I thought that was a good and pointed question and I told them that I don't regret moving here and that I am thankful for the opportunities we have had since coming here.

I could have listed all the things that we are thankful for or all the things we are learning since coming here but more importantly than that I don't regret moving since we moved in response to God's calling on our lives.

That is the key for me, we sensed God's call and we moved to a new location, one that can't be described no matter how many pictures or Google maps one looks at. So often we can close our lives to God's work. We get in a comfort zone and get in a routine and then stop looking and listening to the ways God is moving in our lives. Rarely is God's calling to a place 4500 miles from where we are living.

Most of the time it is to new ways of thinking or being. It is starting to understand our lives in a new a fresh way. We begin to understand ourselves in light of God's love, grace and action in our lives. Sometimes this is beginning to see the freedom or wholeness God longs to bring. Maybe God wants us to let go of things that aren't important or aren't good for us. When we are open and available to God we begin to see and experience that God goes ahead of us and prepares new paths and new adventures. There is such health and vitality in this way of living and we avoid getting "stuck". We will miss all of that if we close ourselves off because of fear and worry; we can trust the God who gaves himself on the cross for us.

It is good to open our lives to God's action and to live with open hands and an open heart.

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