Friday, March 11, 2011

We are fine

Just wanted to let everyone know we are fine. The atoll we live on is an old volcano and we live on the rim of volcano and our lagoon is the crater of this ancient volcano. That means that on the ocean side the walls drop thousands of feet into the deep, rather than sloping like an island or continents. Therefore it is not possible to us to get a tsunami. The energy can't build a wall of water like on slopped islands. Our tide rises maybe a foot or so but nothing like what is happening in other places.

We did evacuate last night from 1000pm - 1220am to second and third story buldings to be safe, which is good. The kids are tired today as is most of the island.

Our outgoing lines are experiencing issues so we can't make off island calls but we can receive calls and email/internet is really backed up. I am thankful to get this out. I have been trying for over an hour.

We are all fine here, no damage just some inconvience which is nothing really.

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Tom said...

Glad your safe! Praying for you.