Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Father Daughter Dance

Over the weekend Sophie and I went to the Father Daughter Dance. We had a great time and I had the honor of having the prettiest date. :)

The dance itself was fun but I had a better time after the dance when we went on a night ride around the perimeter of the north part of the island. There are spots on the road where there are very few lights and on cloudless night you can see so many wonderful stars.

We pulled our bikes off the road, turned off our bike lights, we layed down with Sophie on my chest and we just looked at the sky. For the first time she got the chance to just gaze at the night sky in all its splendor and glory. What a marvellous sight our Maker has given us. While we sat there under a starry sky I told her the story of Abraham's call and how God told him to look at the night sky and that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars. It was indeed a holy and precious moment for me and I think to some degree for her. All she could say was that it was awesome.

It was awesome in the truest sense of the word. We felt awe and wonder at what God had made and what God maintains through his love and attention.

We continued our ride and would pull off to look at the ocean at night, hear the waves, smell the salt and get a little mist from the waves.

We eventually made our way to the lagoon side, looking for more views of the glorious sky before heading back to the paved road and our ride home to retire for the night.

I am grateful for the night and for her chance to see the stars.


Tom said...

What a beautiful story! Brought tears to my eyes.... You win as Dad of the Day!

Shermans on Tapps said...

we are thankful Kim's dad visit still at MLC - hoping you are all well - ~the Sherman Family~ Ron/Carol/Josie/Jack