Friday, February 4, 2011

Holy Moments

It is good to have holy moments. These are times when one senses the wonder and grandeur of God and feels a closeness to God's presence in the world. I tend to have a holy moment every Saturday morning on my way to the airport on Roi.

I am up before sunrise and I walk to the airport rather than taking the shuttle. At that time of day there are very few people on the road and there is something about walking alone, early in the morning under a starry sky along the ocean that creates for me a holy moment. The only sounds are the wind and the waves and the simple abundance of stars is magnificent.

The walk only takes about 15 minutes and sometimes I wish it would take hours, but that would defeat the point. Holy moments are just that, moments. They are times of refreshment and renewal that ground us again in the reality of God's presence in this world. To grab on to them would no longer make them holy, for they are simply a gift given, to be received with open hands.

The gift of these moments lingers in the heart and in the soul and they become a source of strength and grounding. The funny thing about holy moments is that they abound in life. God is not stingy with the gift of these moments, we are just often too busy or distracted to see what is there in front of us. That is why it takes time away to see again the wonder of what is now.

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