Monday, February 14, 2011

Fish Sighting

Last weekend we took the kids to one of the beaches called Coral Sands. Normally we go there because the wave action is a little higher and the kids can play in the surf. On Sunday, the waves were calm and so the visibility was good.

We put the kids in life vests and goggles and swam them out a little ways so they could see the fish. It was wonderful for the kids to see some fish and the beauty of the ocean. Each kid was able to see some clownfish and a few other species, they were thrilled.

There is something about being in nature and seeing wildlife in their natural environment that is special and good for the soul. It is so different for the children to see the fish in the ocean as compared to the aquarium.

As I think about the shaping of the human heart and human life I am increasingly convinced that being in nature and experiencing God's creation is central to being human. We are created by God and in the image of God for the purpose of caring for and stewarding God's creation and therefore we must be in that creation. We must look, see and observe the beauty and wonder of what God has made.

We do this not to deify creation, but to take delight and joy in the Creator and magnificence of his creation. We worship the Creator, not creation. Creation points to the magnificence of the Creator. We care for nature out of love for God and in response to God's love for us.

I am also growing increasing concerned in the digital age that children are growing up not experiencing God in creation and are growing up less human because of it. I hope in the future we will see congregations and their members taking up the challenge to get our kids in creation so they will have an experience of God that he gives while we are in His creation.

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