Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Water Polo Update

We had our first game last night. The team we played was the former league champion with some of the best players in the league on it. We had a great time and Kim played well, being our teams highest female scorer. In the end we lost but it was a close game.

Often people will ask me or ask Kim if we like it here on Kwaj. That is a normal and fine question. However another question that is rarely asked is "what are you thankful for on Kwaj". This is the question that can move beyond likes and dislikes to a more soulful level where our heart is formed. If our sense of self or life is tied to our likes and dislike then we will find that our life is like a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs. Actually there are often more dislikes than likes so the dips are often deeper than the ups, making us and those around us unhappy.

If however we cultivate gratefulness then we find that our lives have a grounding that goes deeper and allows us to weather the ups and downs of life. So yes we like water polo but we are thankful for the opportunity to play on a sports team together, something we have never done in our marriage.

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