Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Water Polo

On Saturday Kim and I will be attending a meeting for new players and officials in the annual inner tube water polo league. Yes, we are on a team playing weekly matches of inner tube water polo. You may ask what is inner tube water polo? I have no real clue.

From what I can gather you use the inner tube to float and then play a version of water polo. Our friends who told us about Kwaj are the ones who got us on their team. I am not sure if that was a good move on their part, only time will tell. From what I am told it is super fun and very competitive. They have playoffs and one team us crowned champion... Nowhere else but on Kwaj...

I am excited, it will be one of those fun life experiences and I will keep you posted on our success or perhaps failure...

I am still surfing each week and last weekend I caught a few good waves. It is so fun catching a wave well and getting a good ride. It doesn't happen for me all that often yet but when it does it is cool.

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