Friday, February 18, 2011


Last night we had our service on Roi and by the time worship was over it was dark outside. As I exited the chapel I saw one of the most beautiful full moons I have ever seen. It was so bright and clear, it felt like it was giving off light rather than simply reflecting the sun.

I walked from the chapel to the edge of the beach and simply stood and stared at the beauty of the moon reflecting off the ocean. The waves made the moonlight ripple as the soft light glowed and danced across their soft waves. The wind was blowing in the palm trees and the waves made their rhythms of natural music. It was a very special night.

It came at such a convenient time as I had just read an author who was encouraging her readers to slow down and really see the gift God has given in creation. She wanted us to see the gift and to receive the gift the God has given. As a recipient of this gift we are to be filled with joy and thankfulness for the generosity of the gift and graciousness of the giver.

The night made receiving the gift easy. I felt and awe at how wonderful God made the night and how privileged I was to receive the gift. It is not a gift to be grabbed or owned. The gift is simply the moment and it leaves a memory of graciousness, wonder and awe.

These moments aren't limited to Roi, they are all around. So much of life is simply learning to see what is right there. Sometimes it is just easier....


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