Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Egoless Tennis

I have started to play tennis again and it feels good, like coming home. I have spent a lot of hours on the court in my lifetime.

When I used to play competitively it was all about ego. I struggled so much with defeat because it wounded my ego and sense of performance.

Now that I enter back into competition I wonder what it will be like to try to play not from ego but from gratefulness. Coach Benson was a master of being thankful when it comes to tennis and I tried to learn from him at the time. It has now taken a dozen or so years and a year and a half of illness to make me realize that being able to play is a gift and a wonder that my body works.

Also what a gift to have the skill set to make a "come back". I am hope that I enjoy my time and let my soul be filled with joy.

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