Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have been reading the life of St. Francis written by St. Bonaventure. It is very humbling reading about the life of the man of God. I am repeatedly touched by the man of God's love for poverty and his renunciation of all things for the sake of Gospel living. I am so moved by Francis's understanding of theft. If he saw someone who had no tunic and he had two then he would give one to the other person since it was "his". Sometimes Francis would give what little he had so that those around him would be in less need. He always trusted Providence and was willing to suffer hardship of body for the sake of embracing Lady Poverty and loving his neighbor.

What a high example to set and what a calling to attempt to be in the tradition that bears his name! It exposes my inability to love my neighbor as myself and my inability to embrace Lady Poverty. Reading the life of Francis reveals my sin. I am truly a sinner. Thanks be to Christ for love, mercy and forgiveness.

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