Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sadhus and Grace

Recently I was reading Abhishiktananda and it was so interesting to read about his encounter with wandering Sadhus (Indian Monks) and European pilgrims. Many would go from Ashram to Ashram and from guru to guru only to miss the point. It was quite revealing as I read about some of the pride and ego issues of the monks and how little they actually knew. I would have guessed that by renouncing everything and wandering the countryside that they would have been free of the chains of pride and ego.

I also thought the European pilgrims who would come would also be freed and awake. What Abhishiktananda helped me understand is that being a monk or pilgrim doesn't necessarily mean that one is awake and has come to a place of divine union. Rather divine union is a gift, nothing more and nothing less. One cannot attain, conquer or master awareness of Presence. It simply is, the ego cannot grab God. One can only receive breath, light and life.

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