Saturday, July 26, 2008


Reading St. Bonaventure describe Francis' understanding of preaching is wonderful and challenging all in one. Preaching should be born out of a zeal for the salvation for souls. It is the task of the preacher to desire the rebirth of souls through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is the duty of preachers not to lose the truth of their preaching by a bad example.

I liken this to the classic definition of preaching "listening to the heart of God and telling God's people what you heard". Surely the heart of God is love and intimacy.

I feel deeply inadequate to such a task. It is profoundly humbling to think of the potential power of preaching. I am so thankful the real power in preaching belongs to the Holy Spirit and it is simply my responsibility to obey and to trust Christ in my vocation.

Thanks be to God for his mercy that I a sinner should speak for Him and be empowered by Him. I know so little of the Absolute yet the call is mine for this season in my life. May I have the same passion, tenderness and love for souls as that of Francis. May my life not be hindrance to souls but an example.

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