Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maundy Thursday

The chapel pulsed with the activity of people entering. Those who know each other sat close and spoke in hushed tones as the pianist played some background music. The crowd wasn't large but it was a week night with lots of other things to draw people. The new style of service kept people a little unsure as they waited to see what would happen after the pianist stopped.

She stopped and a man came out from the sound room with his acoustic guitar. He plugged in and stepped up to the mic with a sense of humility and desire. He started playing a song by David Crowder, "How He Loves Us". The talking stopped, the unease faded away as people simply received the offering.

Not too long into the song it was clear that people weren't just hearing a song or listening to a musician. They were experiencing love. Not just any love but God's great love for them. The words spoke into their hearts and set them aflame with the love that only Christ can give, it was a time of ministry and care. The musician seemed to be receiving as much as he was giving, if not significantly more. Some were trying to keep their eyes dry since crying in church isn't done.

Thus the night was set, God loves us.....

Later we heard about this love, how he took off his outer cloak, wrapped a towel around himself and began to wash the feet of those who had followed him as teacher for the last three years. One protested but relented and those who were there learned that greatness in the kingdom is service. The greatest in the kingdom of God are servants since the Lord, whose heart beat only for love served.

Those who bear the name of their Lord, Christian serve each other and love their neighbor and are therefore a witness to the love we received in opening of our worship last night.

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