Monday, April 11, 2011

Odds and Ends

Just thought I would post a few odds and ends about what we are up to....

Gavin starts soccer tomorrow. They practice once a week for about 45 minutes and they focus exclusively on skill building and fun which is great for the 3-4 year olds. The guy who coaches is in his 20s and the kids love him so we are excited for him to begin soccer. He is also in preschool three days a week in the afternoon and he seems to really like it. We are happy he is engaged and also this week Kim is looking forward to some time alone at the house.

Sophie finished Spring break this week and we had a good week. She had lots of time with her friends and time at the beach and just resting from school. She isn't playing soccer this time but we have been playing a little tennis and I am hoping to get her on the court once a week. She seems to really like it and she is at a great age to learn.

Kim really enjoys the hobby shop here on island. This is a place where people work with wood or clay. They have classes and complete projects. She has taken Sophie for the kids classes and she just completed her first project a few weeks ago. She made a really cool bowl that is wonderful blue tone with great designs. There is a class coming up in a few weeks on clay pouring she will take.

I was able to make 3 boat dives over the weekend, two on the ocean side and one on a wreck in the lagoon. It is a phenomenal experience. While in the lagoon we saw a shark and a sea turtle in addition to checking out the wreck of a large ship. The reef on the ocean side is spectacular in it's beauty and abundance of marine life. Seems like there are countless fish of so many varieties. I can see why people enjoy diving so much and why so many of them get into underwater photography. In this case pictures are worth a thousand words.

Overall I think we are well, we miss our family, friends and some of the simple things like going to Starbucks but we are learning to simply be in this place while we are here.

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