Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Our intention is a powerful force. When it comes to the development of our inner life we need to ask ourselves what is our intention? Do we really want to be transformed? Do we want to grow? Are we willing to count the cost and enter into a new way of living?

Many of us are afraid of growth, we say we want to change but yet never enter into the habits or practices to facilitate the growth. This is a matter of intention. What do we really want?

One of the key areas is to reflect on is our use of time. We hear so much these days about being too busy. Well if we are too busy then we will likely not see the transformation we say we seek. Yet if our intention is to change then our intention/desire will shape how we organize our day. To enter into the contemplative life one needs to spend time with the Lord, there is no shortcut to spending time in prayer, meditation, reflection, study and community.

If our desire is to seek God then we must trust God that the things that need to get done will get done and those things that don't get done are not worth doing. Jesus tells us to lose our lives for his sake. The great masters of the spiritual life ordered their life around the quest for God, not hoping God would fit into their schedule. This is a deep challenge to average American Christian.

Of all the things, which go on into eternity? Are our lives ordered around what is really important?

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