Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Prayers

Here are some prayers I wrote for Sunday

Abba,We come to praise you simply because you are worthy to be praised. We stand in wonder and awe at the beauty of your creation. We thank you for your boundless love, limitless compassion and endless mercy. Help us to see your sustaining presence in all aspects of our world.

Lord Jesus,
We come to praise you for your humble entry into our world to bring forgiveness and new life. We look to you for wisdom, guidance, and hope. Without you life would have no meaning or purpose. Help us to respond daily to your call to follow you.

Beautiful Spirit,
We come to praise you for you too are God. Without your gentle presence in our lives we would be lost. We would neither have faith in Christ nor the grace needed for daily living. Help us to become more aware and open to your presence in our lives and your movement in the world.

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