Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Notes from May 5 from wG

1. read daily Mark 8 vs. 34-38 so that it becomes who we are in Christ
2. think about who/what we want to become---what is our intention for our life---it must align with Christ's intention for our life
3. availability; who/what are we available to---we must be available to God and to our neighbors. We must live out our availability and trust Christ that all that we think needs to be done, he will help/guide us to do. This comes from the heart.
4. we need to read scripture daily.....less is more and contemplate the reading so we can hear God's voice.
5. we need to work in the Gospels first and the Psalms second. This will help us to understand Christ's life and how we can incorporate his life and teaching into our life.
6. start in Mathew 5 vs. 1 and place our names in the versus until be believe we are children of God and blessed.
7. how do we live the Gospel? what practices and habits do we incorporate into our lives to live the Gospel
8. we need regular periods of reflection time so we can review our life to see if we are living the Gospel. must journal to use as basis for path corrections.

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