Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Another key word on our spiritual journey: vulnerability. To be vulnerable means to let our guard down and to open up the walls we have made between ourselves and God and ourselves and others. It takes great courage to be vulnerable with God because we have to begin to lean into grace and lower our pride. So often the patterns we have in our lives are about performance and earning our way in the world. We bring these patterns into our spiritual life. However they are not life giving patterns. With God there is no shame, condemnation or guilt. God is pure radical love that can accept all, forgive all and integrate all.

It is only when we are vulnerable with God, when we are really being ourselves that we can experience this love. If we try to prove to God that we are good, or feel guilty about asking too much or not praying enough then we miss the grace. Simply sit before God in silence, bring to mind all that you are ashamed of and listen to forgiveness, love, acceptance, mercy, tenderness, compassion and joy over you. This is all there really is in God and this is foundation of all interior work. We can never really move forward without a clear, accurate understanding of God as love in each and every moment of our existence. Receive your title as beloved, for this is your true self.

It is a challenge because we must let our ego go and be vulnerable to loss of those things that are hindrances in the way. Pride also wants to earn God's love and to be vulnerable is to risk losing our pride and coming to God with nothing, only receiving blessing. This is not the way of the world but it is the way of the kingdom.

What would it take for you to simply sit and listen to God?

What are the barriers for your vulnerability?

Who can help you grow in the grace of understanding God's love for you?

Are you willing to be transformed and come to God in humility?

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