Thursday, May 21, 2009

Notes from wG for May 19

1. Scriptural reading with less quantity and more contemplation is better. Dwell on the meaning; how does it apply to me and my circumstances
2. No one person can give another person wisdom, they can only help us discover it.
3. Approach spiritual growth as mystery; multi-faceted mysticism.
4. Without mystery there is no tension in life; no pull-pull or push-push
5. Spiritual growth is a life-long journey never reaching fulfillment in this life.
6. Attention is a form of love. When we worship, pray, or work on scriptural study we have our attention on God. God always has His loving, tender, kind, (fruits of the Spirit of God) attention on us with no shame, guilt, or reproach attached.
7. When we confess - we wake up to our sins - we have self awareness of our sinfulness.
8. When we are awake, we become more aware of Christ and his Love. We see Christ in others because He is fully in us
9. Praying without ceasing means we live in a way that continuously gives our attention to God. When we love our neighbor, we give them attention.
10. Spiritual growth is demonstrated through our becoming more loving and compassionate.
11. When our ego is out of control, it is always looking to be fed or gratified; self gratification. No one person can meet our deepest need to be fully and unconditionally loved. Only God can do that. As our realization of God's presence grows, so does our understanding of His love for us.
12. We need to learn to trust God's grace; His remodeling of our hearts toward the fruits of the Spirit. This makes us free to love; love without compulsion.
13. We need to make time to pay attention to God.This is done in silence and solitude through prayer, worship, contemplation, and spiritual reading or study with wise teachers who have gained much wisdom through the Scriptures.

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